Determine necklace chain length

What length do you like and suits you? Take a piece of rope, tie it together at the back with 2 loose
sliding buttons and slide it in such a way that you find the perfect length for yourself. 
You don’t know how to make such a button necklace? Take a look at this video.

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Certain lengths also have a specific name in the jewellery industry,

Collar, Choker, Princess, Matinee, Opera, Rope, Lariat …

Determine bracelet length

Take a piece of rope and put this on your wrist, this is your wrist size. Then measure with a tape measure or ruler after how long this piece was. If necessary, you can also do this with a strip of paper from an A4 sheet where you then put a line.  Of course you can also use the measuring tape. Do you like a tight-fitting bracelet?  Then this is your wrist size +1,5cm. Would you prefer a slightly looser fitting bracelet (standard)? Then it is your wrist size +2cm. Do you prefer a larger loose-fitting bracelet? Then it is your wrist size +3cm.

E.g. if your wrist is +/- 19cm and you want a loose fitting bracelet, then you do 19cm + 3cm = 22cm. Note: the finer your bracelet, the more beautiful it looks with a slightly smaller size.

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