Maintenance of jewellery, repairs & other advice

I regularly receive questions about silver, jewellery, maintenance and repairs. I like to share my knowledge and give you tips and advice.
Can’t find an answer to your question below? Then contact me, I will be happy to help you!

Are the fantasy jewels of Designed4You nickel free?

Yes, it is! Jewellery with nickel may no longer be sold by law. Would you like a earhook or clips in silver or stainless steel for your fantasy jewel? Feel free to ask. It is a small effort for me, but quite a difference for you. You only pay a small surcharge.

Are the jewels of Designed4You made of 'real silver' and can I be allergic to silver?

Pure silver is too soft, too pliable to make jewellery. On a silver jewel you will rarely find a stamp 1000 or 999 but you will find a stamp 925/1000 for example. This means that a small amount (in this case 7.5%) of another, harder metal (such as copper) has been added.

People who are ‘allergic to silver’ are probably not allergic to the silver itself but to that addition. So it is possible that you can tolerate one silver jewel and not the other. If you suffer from an allergy, we can solve this in different ways. For example, I can finish the jewel with a layer of rose gold or yellow gold vermeille or with a gilded layer. I can also advise you to get tested by a skin specialist.

How do I best store and maintain my jewellery?

Above all, enjoy your jewellery very much by wearing it a lot! But in between, it is best to store them separately in a plastic bag or jewellery box to protect them from scratches and to slow down oxidation. A damp room – such as a bathroom – is not a good place to store them.
Because moisture, sweat and chlorine are not good for jewellery, take them off to sleep, shower, swim or exercise. If you use perfume or other care products, do so before putting on your jewellery.

Silver is unique in that it oxidises: a layer of tarnish forms on it. Although this is quite normal, we prefer to see our silver shining. Do not attack your jewellery with agents such as toothpaste or others. These products are often more aggressive than you think. At Designed4You you can buy professional cleaning cloths.
Is your silver jewel very dirty? Then I can polish it.

Do you also repair jewellery?

I make jewellery with great care and attention. But of course, something can go wrong. Feel free to contact me. I will be happy to find a solution.

Have you bought a piece of jewellery elsewhere? Then you are also welcome to look at the possibilities and the price of a repair.

Where can I see and buy your jewellery? Do you have a webshop or are you on the market?

Because you can only really choose a piece of jewellery by fitting it, holding an earring to your ear, seeing if the size and colour match your body and style, I don’t have a webshop.
I do share a lot of photos here. And you can also follow me via my facebook page and instagramaccount.

If you find jewellery to your liking, call or write me. Or make an appointment to come and have a look and choose in my studio.
My studio has no threshold, a visit doesn’t oblige you to anything. Although I am almost sure that you will find something nice for yourself, your daughter, your friend or girlfriend.
Would you like to talk about a tailor made jewellery? Then please feel free to contact me.

Normally you will also find me at markets. As a result of the covid-19 restrictions taken by the government, we too are forced to stay at home.

However, we can also send our jewellery by post!

If you want something specific, we can have a conversation via skype, whatsapp, messenger, etc. to discuss your wishes. Whatever you say!

Can I have a new jewel made from old gold?

You can! Do you have a jewel you never wear or a piece of jewellery that reminds you of someone? Or would you like to have an heritage from the family incorporated in your wedding rings?

The value of the gold you bring in is calculated according to the amount of fine gold it contains. The price of fine gold is subject to a daily changing gold price.

Fine gold 24ct (pure gold) is a very soft material, because of this it would quickly scratch or even break. That is why fine gold is usually combined with other metals to create a stronger alloy. Carat therefore refers to this alloy and indicates the amount of fine gold it contains:

8 carats: 33.3% pure gold (stamp 333)

14 carats: 58.5% pure gold (stamp 585)

18 carat: 75.0% pure gold (stamp 750)

22 carats: 91.6% pure gold (stamp 916)

24 carat: 99.9% pure gold (stamp 999)

In Belgium they usually work with 18ct gold, the Netherlands prefers 14ct.

I have no holes in my ears. Do you also sell earrings with clips?

Of course! I work with hooks for holes but also with fine nickel-free clips. These are nice with earrings on the ear but just as stylish with pendants on them. Tell me what you prefer.

I found great earrings in your offer. Can I also get them with other earhooks?

For fantasy jewellery as well as silver jewellery and made-to-measure, you can ask for the hooks, studs or clips of your preference. Because you know what suits your ear best. Maybe that means a small surcharge, but you will have much more fun with your earrings!