Tailor-made silver jewellery

You want a jewel for a special moment, as a souvenir or as a gift for someone else or for yourself. Together we will look at what you want and what I can make for you.
One thing is certain: it will be a jewel that fits you perfectly!
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A jewel with a story

A tailor-made jewel starts with a conversation. For words are silver, silence is gold (or is it the other way around? ).
You tell, I listen and make proposals. Together we get a picture of what you want.
On the basis of this conversation I make a sketch or test model. If you like it, I will create it.
The jewellery that I make sometimes originates from a very personal story of saying goodbye or like to see someone.
During the creation I feel very involved. I am only satisfied when you are happy with the jewel.


Techniques & materials

In order to be able to customize my jewellery even better, I continue to study other techniques of goldsmithing and I regularly attend school. The “lost wax technique” is another technique of the Egyptians. It makes it possible to model jewellery even more finely. Because I start from a wax model of the jewel. With filigrain – fine silver thread and grein (balls) – I can make very fine and graceful details. Or Keum-boo (freely translated: “fixed gold”), a Korean gilding technique.  In this technique, 24ct gold is applied to an underlying (fine) silver surface, which gives a beautifully durable result between the gold and the silver.

Depending on your wishes, I use the best techniques. Some techniques – such as engraving or using (semi) precious stones – require specific knowledge and skills. I outsource these to my fellow specialists.


Silver: a range of possibilities

The possibilities of silver are endless! You can leave it rough or have it sanded and polished. You can use a gemstone in it. Would you like an extra layer of shine and protection on your silver jewel? Then rhodium can be used: a wafer-thin layer of rhodium protects it against oxidation and scratches.

For a silver jewel with an alloy of 925/1000 (more info at Advice) you can choose vermeille. Then I lay a gold layer in yellow or rosé over your silver jewel. Vermeille meets certain technical requirements (in terms of thickness and alloy) and is not the same as gilding, gilding can also be done on another base material.

Or would you rather have your whole jewel in gold (yellow or rosé) than in silver? Just ask. We will look at the possibilities together..


Beauty & affordability

The price of your jewel depends of course on the materials, techniques and my time. As soon as we reach an agreement, I will provide you with a cost calculation. What you pay when you get your jewel in your hands will not exceed this amount. Unless, of course, you want to make changes to the original design during the course of the creation.

I always guard the balance between beauty and affordability. Some parts (e.g. a wire chain or a lock) are so labour-intensive to make that I prefer to buy them. This allows me to focus on the essence of the jewel. Because it is about that that you will get compliments!

Do you need a jewel next week? Then perhaps you will find what you are looking for in my collection of fantasy jewellery and silver jewellery or stainless steel. Do you want a tailor-made piece of jewellery? Then contact me in time, because I like to give every step of the process the necessary attention and care. You can be inspired by the photos.


Would you like to know if I can also design for you? Would you like to talk about my price and my approach? Would you like to ask me something or get more information?