Designed4You, that’s me

I put my soul in my jewels. Both in the jewellery that I create from scratch and in the jewellery that I select, purchase or put together with care and attention. In order to come up with a piece of jewellery that suits you perfectly, I use these talents:

my empathy to hear what you really want

my creativity to shape your dream jewel

my openness to include you step by step in the creation process

my technical ability to turn your wishes into silver (or gold)

my enthusiasm to make you shine

That’s how it started

In 2015 I followed a course in ‘fashion jewellery’. That also suited my youngest daughter perfectly: she asked me if I wanted to make some jewellery to sell at her school’s Christmas market. Because choosing from ten pieces is not really an option, I had made a lot of jewellery. We sold a lot, but there was still a lot left over. So that’s how it started. Only to grow further afterwards. Thanks to my passion for silver and my training as a goldsmith-juweller, I expanded my range of fantasy jewellery with jewellery in stainless steel, silver and jewellery made to measure.


My mission: jewellery for every budget

You want to radiate who and how you are. You want jewellery that suits your outfit or your feelings, day after day and every day different. That doesn’t always have to be expensive. Of course, I’m happy when a piece of jewellery made to measure fits the customer’s wishes, but I’m just as happy to see a girl happy with her little earrings. My care and enthusiasm when creating a fantasy jewel is just as great as when creating a tailor-made piece of jewellery. It takes more time and patience, though. By keeping my collection so broad, I give everyone the chance to choose for beauty.