As not only the sun is allowed to shine, but you too!


On ordinary days and special moments.


For a small or larger budget.

Handmade jewellery that suits your budget but especially you!

Me, Annick

Giving everyone a chance to shine, that is my dream and my mission. Whether you have a small or a larger budget, in my offer you will find jewellery that suits you perfectly. Because everyone is different and everyone is beautiful. And this is me.

Beautiful jewellery, happy customers

The contact with Annick was very pleasant and I could contact her with all my questions. With photos and text she kept me informed about the process of becoming a pair of earrings. Very nice and a real added value: you can see your jewellery slowly coming into being. The end result is great. Craftsmanlike, careful and specially made for me. I wear them with a lot of love.

Judith (Eindhoven)

When we got married, we had silver wedding rings designed by a jeweller. The result was disappointing: far too expensive, the stones came loose and I got a rash from the ring. Wasn’t there a nickel in it that I’m allergic to? I met Annick at an evening market and our problem with the wedding rings came up. Annick sold us new rings and from the old ones she made a beautiful jewel that I love. With a little leftover she designed a heart with our three letters in it. Our daughter Louise wears it at every party. We are so grateful to her! Afterwards, I bought some beautiful jewels from her and I like to send friends to her.

Kathleen (Machelen)

During a tour of the new Tourist Office on the Mechelse IJzerenleen, I noticed a beautiful pair of ‘Moon’ earrings. At the desk they referred me to the designer.

That is how I came into contact with Annick. It clicked right away, we discussed the jewel and which hooks fitted best and I ordered. Super: such a jewel according to my own wishes!

I liked them so much that I had a necklace made right away. That way I had a beautiful set. Annick feels good about what suits you, doesn’t insist on anything but makes proposals to come up with the jewel you really want. How nice to look at other jewellery in her studio for everyone’s budget.

Viviane (Keerbergen)

During our visit to the Christmas market in Mechelen, I saw a necklace at Designed4You that I really liked. But I preferred it in a different colour. That was possible. It was ready the next day, so helpful and customer-friendly is Annick. I am so happy with it! And how happy I am to have met this open and warm jewellery designer. Of course I keep following her and her jewellery.

Farsie (Den Haag)

Jewellery tips & advice

How do I keep my jewellery? Do you also sell hip earrings with clips? Am I allergic to silver? Are your fantasy jewellery nickel-free? My silver ring has turned grey, what now? Where can I see and buy the jewellery of Designed4You?

Designed4You regularly receives questions and gives a clear answer. Just read it!